DuraGal Yardrail

DuraGal® Yardrail provides the protection you need by combining the strength of rectangular hollow sections with safe and easy to handle tubular sections. DuraGal® Yardrail’s rounded edges guard against cattle injury, while avoiding the paint peeling problem common to hard-edged painted sections.

DuraGal® Yardrail also protects itself with an innovative external hot dip galvanized surface finish. The process involved to produce DuraGal® Yardrail is unique to OneSteel Market Mills.


DuraGal® Yardrail’s inline galvanizing process is created with the application of progressively richer zinc-iron alloy layers, metallurgically bonded to the base steel and topped by a pure outer zinc layer. To further boost protection, DuraGal® Yardrail has a clear polymer top coat which ensures a clean surface prior to fabrication.