Cattle Yard Races & Loading Ramps


  • Concrete slab floor optional
  • Easily assembled
  • Walkway optional
  • Silent sliding gates
  • All bolted construction
  • Domed nuts and bolts on all rails
  • Curved or straight construction
  • On site construction and delivery
  • Quiet operation, no loose pins or panels
  • Posts welded top and bottom to prevent spreading
  • DuraGal® Yardrail construction with pipe or RHS posts


Loading Ramps

Two options available:

  1.  Suspended Slab Ramp
  2. Fully Concreted Ramp

Both options:


  • Maintenance free
  • Bruise free construction
  • Non-slip concrete floor
  • Level loading section optional
  • Floor is of standard truck height
  • Concrete floor formwork optional
  • Four or five rail DuraGal® Yardrail construction
  • Comes complete with entry gate and two lead up gates
  • Walkway along one side of concrete floor optional