Cattle Handling Equipment

It is only natural that you will want to provide your stock with the best protection from injury and maintain their prime condition. The prevention of bruising and hide damage is one of the most critical points addressed by the Australian Cattlecare Quality Assurance Program.


Allenspach Steel recognises that cattle handling equipment design, construction and maintenance are top priorities in order to minimise obstructions and harsh contact points liable to cause bruising or hide damage to stock. All of our products are built to comply with the Cattlecare code of practice. It is our job to prevent injury to cattle, helping to ensure that farmers get the maximum price for their livestock.


It is also our job to ensure cattle handling equipment is developed to a consistently high standard, is user friendly and ensures the safety of the operator.


Whatever your requirements, Allenspach Steel guarantees our cattle crushes, bails, loading ramps and yards are constructed from top quality, durable materials which will suit all types of sites, and our simple designs equal an affordable, value-add to your property.


Allenspach Steel is proud to use and supply a quality range of DuraGal® Yardrail products.